Field trip to Kårstø processing plant

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Since we had a few non Norwegian speaking participants on this trip, it is just fair that we write this in English. Early Friday morning about 30 students from different study programs had shown up at the University to come with us on a fieldtrip to Kårstø Processing plant. We left the university around 8am and after just over an hour driving, we arrived at Kårstø.

Kårstø processing plant is Europe’s biggest export port for natural gas liquids (NGL) and the third largest in the world. It refines natural gas and condensate from the fields in the northern parts of the North Sea, including the Åsgard, Mikkel and Sleipner fields. For those who missed the trip and want to know more about the plant, we encourage you to visit Statoil’s webpage.


We were met by three employees at Kårstø who were to follow and guide us through the day. Our visit started with a brief presentation of Statoil, the facility we were visiting, what they did at the plant, and the three employees presented themselves and told us about their experience of working in Statoil.

Shortly after the presentation we were back in the bus that would transport us around the plant. This was bad news for the bus driver who thought she had done her job when we arrived at Kårstø, and looked forward to lay back and watch movies until we were done. The site is about 3 km wide so it would have been useless to walk around without any sort of transportation. The tour took us about two hours. During the tour we had the same employers telling us everything we wanted to know about what we saw on the plant. We got enlightened about gas processing and we had to appreciate the great knowledge of our “tourguides” Some of us had probably more knowledge about this industry than other, but I think everybody had a great experience and learned a few things about gas processing.

We ended the day with lunch in the cafeteria at Kårstø and headed back to Stavanger around 1.30pm.

We would like to thank Statoil for letting us visit the plant and for taking good care of throughout the day.





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